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I use NationBuilder for some of my clients and I absolutely love the message in this article from NationBuilder founder, Jim Gilliam.

Many people are familiar with the powerful talk Jim Gilliam gave at the Personal Democracy Forum in 2011 called “The Internet Is My Religion,” within which he details how the internet helped him receive a double-lung transplant that saved his life (for a second time), and secured his belief that “God is just what happens when humanity is connected.” But very few know the woman who worked with him to tell this story, and has since been doing the same with every person employed by NationBuilder, the company Gilliam founded in 2009.


“God is just what happens when humanity is connected.” I LOVE this perspective. This is part of the reason why I started Wellfonder Group, because I love building relationships and helping people maximize their potential. Be sure to read the whole article at Forbes and share your thoughts below.

What inspires you? What are some of your favorite stories of getting people connected?